Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What’s Become of AbbyG.?

What follows is a virtually unprecedented breech of format; meaning I don’t really have any specific story to tell, yet feel compelled to explain my sparseness nonetheless. It’s possible that I’ve been busy, or coasting for nearly a month without any emotional outbursts, but more than likely I’ve just been uninspired.

It’s decidedly winter now and that itchy wanderlust settles in with the dismal cold. Chicago begins its revolting season and I begin to seek escape. Thus I’m proud to say I’ve spent the last two weekends away. The first was a trip to Minneapolis, hardly tropical this time of year but believe me when I wink and remind you with a conspiratorial smile that us life-long Midwesterners have rather reliable tricks for keeping warm.

Then I flew to Florida for much anticipated (read: dreaded) G. family reunion thanksgiving, courtesy of my generous stockbroker uncle in Wrong Island. It’s rare that I’m at a loss for words, and to be fair I have been expending most of my writing energy on book reviews lately, but trying to describe the experience of spending four days in a hotel in Miami Beach with my entire extended paternal family is too daunting a task. Weirdly enough, the weekend was relatively uneventful because when it comes down to it, we really are a very nice and loving family and in weather that nice, everyone got along pleasantly.

I cringed to the core of my being when my dad, the rabbi, began sermonizing to our Taxi driver about Noah’s ark. (Somehow they started off talking about baseball, which gave way to local weather, then tsunamis and eventually some germane apocryphal commentary my father had been studying up on). Admittedly, I interacted somewhat awkwardly with my cousins’ small children who despite their cuteness, reaffirmed that I have no interest whatsoever in childbearing. Mostly I spent a good deal of time with my siblings, commiserating about the rest of the family, and lying in the sun.

When I went to Florida last March, I accidentally/not-so-accidentally got myself a violent sunburn. The bizarre thing is, despite the pain and the itching, I didn’t really mind. Chicago winters make you so depressed, so chilled to cellular fibers of your body, that when you finally have access to sunshine like that you forget how to make sense of it, manage it responsibly. It’s not a masochistic impulse, rather a healing impulse gone frankensteinly awry. This time I grudgingly took care to apply the sun blocker, still desiring nothing more than to thoroughly scorch my body-inside and out- in preparation for winter.

I’m back now, relaxed and chemical free for nearly 6 days. On the plane I drafted a to-do list for the week and while I can’t officially strike anything from the list just yet, I’m close. Full of fresh resolve not to submit to winter by gaining weight or developing couply feelings for any boy I make out with these days, I ought to be flying high until about the weekend, when predictably, I'll cave and back-peddle on all this healthy progress.

In short, I promise a story within the week. All in good time, meaning, once I get off my very best behavior.


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why dont you tell us what you ate for Thanxgiving?

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